With so much clutter in the market these days, there is no better way to promote you brand than face to face with potential clients. The Rand Show give you a change to connect and engage with a wide ranging audience who are, by choice, spending a high dwell time in a relaxed environment, something that is very rare these days.

Pop Up Store

Open a new store for 10 days of selling directly to new consumers or take pre-orders for home delivery!

Secure Your Stand

Increase Profits

All the marketing is done for you, we bring potential customer directly to you!

Secure Your Stand

Clear Stock

Run specials and clear all end of summer ranges!

Secure Your Stand

Clients For Life

Use innovative ways to build new databases and capture potential new client details whom you can sell to for years to come.

Secure Your Stand

When last did you physically engage with your customers?

In this digital era we get caught up in digital interaction and marketing and very few companies even speak to their customers on the telephone anymore? You may just find that the customer you are targeting has actually changed over the past few years, but how will you know if you don’t interact with them? This expo will give you a realistic platform to engage face-to-face with a large sample of the South African market. A platform NO other marketing spend will give you.